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I’m so honored. I never expect there are so many people coming here to listen


to my talk.


And when I sitting there I feel so important. Thank you, thank you very much.


Before my talk I would like to ask how many people here have used Alibaba

services. Good, not many. [Laughs]. And how many of you here have never

been to China? Never been, never been to China. Good, thank you very much.



Well, 20 years ago I came to America. My first trip to America, to Seattle. Before

that I learned so much about America, from my books, from my teachers, from

my school, and my parents. And I think I know enough about America. But when

I came to America I thought totally wrong. America is not what I learned from the

books. And in Seattle I found the Internet.20




And then I came back and tell my friends that I’m going to open a company

called Internet. I invited 24 of my friends, had a two-hour discussion. And finally

we had a vote. 23 of them against me. “Forget about it. There’s no such kind

of network called Internet. Don’t do it.” There’s only one person who said

“Jack, I trust you. I don’t know what that is, but if you want to try it, go ahead,

try it. Because you’re still young.” At that time I was 30 years old.





So I started my business, without knowing anything about computer, without

knowing anything about business. I started my first company, my wife and I and

a school mate. We borrowed [start] from US $1,000 we start the business. It was

so difficult. I called myself like a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers.

Jumping around for the past 20 years I survive today. For the first three years life

was really bad. I remember I tried to borrow US $3,000 from the banks. It took

me three months asking any friends I know to borrow the money.Still failed, coz

verybody said “Jack is telling a lie, because there’s no such network called

Internet in 1996.”






So one day, later 1996, China was connected to the Internet. I invited ten media

friends to my apartment. I want to tell them I’m not telling a lie. There is a

network called Internet. We waited three hours and a half to see the first – to

download the first picture. And people said “Is that thing going to work?” And I

say “Yeah, it’ll work, but not today. In ten years it’ll work.” But at least it

proved that I was not telling a lie.





I remember when we tried to help our small business to sell online. Nobody want

to sell because nobody come to buy. So first week we have seven employees,

we buy and sell ourselves. The second week somebody start to sell on a

website. We buy everything they sell. We have two rooms full of things we

bought for New Year’s, [all garbage] for the first two weeks. In order to tell

people that it works. It was not easy. Since 1995 to 1999 we failed. We go

nowhere, our business, because nothing was ready.






In 1999 I invited 18 friends of mine who came to my apartment. We decided to do

it again. We call the name alibaba.com. And people say why Alibaba? We

believe Internet is a treasure island which opens sesame for small business. And

we used Alibaba because it’s easy to spell, easy to remember. And we want to

focus on helping small business.




Because at that time we see commerce [with the] American e-commerce they

focus on helping on big companies, they’re focusing on helping big companies

to save the cost. We believed China we don’t have a lot of big companies, we

have so many small business, and small business it’s so difficult for them to

survive. If we can using Internet as a technology to help small business it’ll be





So we start to say if America is good at helping big companies, just like America

is good at making basketball we should play pingpong in China, we should help

the small guys. And we should not helping small guys to save cost, because

small business know how to save the cost, but small business should learn how

to make money. So our business is focusing helping small business to make

money online.




And we want to make the company last for 102 years. And people are curious –

why 102 years? Because Alibaba was born in 1999, last year we had – last

century we had one year, this century 100 years, next century one year. 102

across three centuries. We give a clear goal to any employees. Don’t say we

are successful, no matter how much money we raised, no matter how much

money we make, no matter how much we have achieved. Don’t forget we

want to live 102 years. Now, 16 years passed, we have another 86 years to go.

Because in next 86 years, if any time we die we’re never successful. When I

heard this club is 108 years old I was surprised and shocked. There’s so much

we can learn from that.


年,上个世纪我们经历了1年,这个世纪将是完整的 100年,下一个世纪再经历1年,这样横跨三个世纪,






Well, today nobody believed that Alibaba could survive, because people say

“You are [free], you’re tiny” and, you know, and especially when we talk

about – when we IPO’d people say “Ah, you are Alibaba, you are e-

commerce. You’re like Amazon.” Because in American point of view Amazon

probably is the only business model for e-commerce. But no, we are different.




The difference between us and Amazon is that we do not buy and sell, but we

help small business to buy and sell. We have 10 million small business on our site

buy and sell every day. And we do not deliver our packages, although –

ourselves, though we have more than 2 million people help us to deliver over 30

million packages per day.



We do not own warehouses, but we manage tens and thousands of warehouses

for other small, medium sized delivery companies. And we do not own

inventories, but we do have more than 350 million buyers. We have more than

120 million buyers coming to shop every day on our site. And also, we sell – our

revenue last – our sales last year were US$ 390 billion. And this year, possibly,

we are going to be bigger than Walmart globally. And Walmart manage – that

size of business have more than 2.3 million people; we grow from 18 people to

today 34,000 people.


何商品库存,但是我们有3亿5千万的买家,每天有超过1亿2 千万的消费者光顾我们的网站。去年我们的



And the difference between Amazon and us the other is Amazon is a shopping

center. Because here e-commerce is commerce, in China e-commerce is a

lifestyle. Young people, they using e-commerce to exchange ideas, they

communicate, they build up the trust, they build up a record. It’s just like

Starbucks – you never go to Starbucks to test how wonderful coffee is. It’s a

lifestyle. And this is how Internet e-commerce is changing China.







And what we felt proud of is not how much things we sell. I said this year we’ll

be bigger than Walmart – yes, we are proud. We know in five years we will sell

US$ 1 trillion. This is my goal, which we think possibly we will make it. We are

proud of that but we are more proud because we create direct [and indirect] job,

14 million jobs for China. And we’ve created jobs in the countryside. We

created a lot of jobs for women. Over 51 percent of the power sellers on the

Internet are women.





So we feel so proud of that. And people say okay, now Alibaba did that. What"s

your next? What"s your future cause you are everywhere. We, 80 percent of the

buy and the sell online are created by our company. Our future is that we have to

focus on globalizing our business. It"s not only sell more things. We want to

make, to globalize the infrastructure of eCommerce. Why Internet eCommerce

grow so fast in China than in the USA? Because the infrastructure of commerce

in China was too bad. Not like here. You have [Click] Motors. You have all the

shops offline, Walmart, Kmart, everything everywhere. But in China we have

nothing nowhere.







So eCommerce in the US is a dessert. It"s complementary to the main business.

But in China it becomes the main course. We created the infrastructure. So we

think if we globalize our infrastructure — the payment, the logistics center, the

transparent platform all around the world. Helping the small business around the

world to sell everywhere. Help the global consumers to buy everywhere. Our

vision is in ten years we will help two billion consumers in the world to shop

online anywhere in the world. You"re shopping online with 72 hours you"ll receive

the product. And anywhere in China you shop online, you will receive the

products within 24 hours. And we think our globalization is still focused on

helping small business. And helping them to do business in the most efficient

ways. And we think that we will help another ten million business on our

eCommerce platform.








We will empower them. We"ll give them the traffic. We"ll give them the payment

system. We"ll give them the logistics system so they can do business anywhere

easily and quickly. And we will help. We will have 40 percent of our business

outside China. Today we only have two percent of our business outside China.




So people keep on asking, now you are big. You raised that much money.

What"s your play in America? People say well are you going to come? When are

you going to come to invade America? When I going to compete with Amazon?

When I going to compete with eBay? Well I would say we show great respect for

eBay and Amazon. But I think the opportunity and the, the strategy for us is

helping small business in America go to China, sell their products to China.





Today in China, the middle class for China is almost the same as the American

population. And we think in ten years it will be more than half a billion Chinese

people will be middle class. The demanding for middle class, the demanding for

good products, good service was so powerful, so strong. And I think China today

cannot afford the good products, good service to them. And then next is that

China has been focused on exporting in the past 20 years. And I think next ten,

ten-twenty years China we should be focusing on importing. Chinese should

learn to buy. Chinese should spend the money. Chinese should buy a lot of

things from globally. And I think that American small business, American branded

products you should use the Internet, go to China.






Past 20 years big companies of America is already all over China. But it"s the

great opportunity for using the eCommerce for small business to go to America.

In the past years we have helped a lot of American farmers selling things to

China. For example the Seattle cherries, you will never believe that the

ambassador, the American ambassador to China, he came to us say, Jack can

you help us to sell the cherries in Seattle. I say how can we sell cherries? The

cherries still on the trees. And we started place order, 80,000 families booked

the order. And when we got the order we ship, we pick up the cherries and ship

to China within 24 hours 80,000 families, 160 tons of cherries were sold. And last

year we sold over 300 tons of cherries. And I don"t know what"s this year about.




我们就做了预售,8 万个中国家庭抢购了这些订单,我们摘下车厘子,在24小时内运到中国。24小时



We also helped Alaska seafood. We helped Canada to sell the lobsters. The

lobster we sold probably ten years they cannot sell. And we also have a lot of

American branded companies using our site to sell. Costco the company, they

sold 600 tons of nuts on our site for the first month. And for the first month

they"re using Alibaba 6.5 million US dollars. So I think if we can help to sell

lobsters, if we can help sell the cherries, why we cannot help these small,

medium size companies to China using our system? So this is what I want, and

also I want to take one day for example November, November 11th, the [Singles"]

Day. We make that a shopping day. Last year for that day we sold 9.7 billion US

dollars. And for the first minute shopping we have 24 million people rushed in for

the first minute. And this year we guess the number was scary, so my purpose

coming here that we need more American products to China.


不可能达到的。许多美国的知名品牌也借助我们的平台销售。像 Costco超市入驻以后第一个月就卖出了



巴把它变成了一个购物节。去年双十一,我们的交易额高达97 亿美元,第一分钟有240万消费者涌入。



We have a hungry 100 million people coming to buy every day. So this is why we

come here. We not come here to compete. We come here to bring the small

business. My vision is that in ten, twenty years anywhere you buy anywhere, sell

anywhere. Philippine people can buy salmon on Norway. Norway people can sell

things to Argentina. Argentina can buy and sell to China. This is how the Internet

is going to change. And lastly I want to say we have changed the China. We feel

proud of that, and we think that the change, the power of change is so powerful.






The first revolution of technology we have the, the organization of business

called a factory. And had our first World War because of the strength of the arms

and muscles. The second revolution energy, we have the organization called

companies, and have the second World War.



This time Internet. The data, and I think we have a new business called platform.

And the third World War is going to happen. And this war is not between nations,

this war we work together against the disease, the poverty, the climate change.

And I believe this is our future. The human being, the nations shall unite together.

Rely on the young people using not the guns, using computers, using the data to

solve the human problem, solve the society problems. And this is what I"m

passionate about. It"s not about the money, it"s about dreams. It"s not only the

technology change the world, it"s the dreams you believe that change the world.

And we know the way, the way is not easy. As I was told in the past 20 years

doing Internet business in China, today is difficult, and tomorrow is much more

difficult. But the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Most people die tomorrow

evening, if you don"t work hard.








Thank you very much.




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